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Bodyform Ultra soft Pads - Regular Flow, 12 Count

Bodyform Super Comfortable &
Leak-Proof Protection 12 Count Maxi Pads With Wings

  • Stay Confident All Day with BodyForm Maxi Pads.

  • No More Leaks: Special Comfort Shield for Extra Protection.

  • Feel Secure with Strong Leak Protection, Even on Busy Days.

  • Soak It Up: Powerful Core Locks Away Moisture for a Dry Feel.

  • Comfortable and Reliable, No Matter How Busy You Are.

​​​​​BodyForm Maxi Pads: your new best friend during your period. Feel at ease with the leak-blocking Comfort Shield and smart protection that keeps you comfortable and confident, no matter what you're up to.

an image with product features like Soft Cover, Quick Absorbtion, Perfect shape, secure fit, of bodyform sanitery pad napkins
  • Leak-Blocking Comfort Shield: We've added an extra protective layer to prevent leaks. Move without worry and enjoy your day.

  • Smart Leak Protection: Our smart design ensures you're covered, even when things get busy. No more leaks to stress about.

  • Super Absorbent Core: Our pads are built to quickly absorb and lock away moisture, so you feel dry and fresh.

  • Pick Your Perfect Pad: Choose the absorbency level that suits you best. We've got options to match your flow and lifestyle.

  • Comfy All Day: Whether you're working, exercising, or relaxing, BodyForm Maxi Pads stay put and keep you comfy.

  • Stay-Put Design: Move freely. Our pads stay in place, so you don't have to worry about adjusting them throughout the day.

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