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​​​​​BodyForm Maxi Pads: your new best friend during your period. Feel at ease with the leak-blocking Comfort Shield and smart protection that keeps you comfortable and confident, no matter what you're up to.

Bodyform Super Comfortable and
Leak-Proof Protection 14 Count Maxi Pads

  • Stay Confident All Day with BodyForm Maxi Pads.

  • No More Leaks: Special Comfort Shield for Extra Protection.

  • Feel Secure with Strong Leak Protection, Even on Busy Days.

  • Soak It Up: Powerful Core Locks Away Moisture for a Dry Feel.

  • Comfortable and Reliable, No Matter How Busy You Are.

  • Leak-Blocking Comfort Shield: We've added an extra protective layer to prevent leaks. Move without worry and enjoy your day.

  • Smart Leak Protection: Our smart design ensures you're covered, even when things get busy. No more leaks to stress about.

  • Super Absorbent Core: Our pads are built to quickly absorb and lock away moisture, so you feel dry and fresh.

  • Pick Your Perfect Pad: Choose the absorbency level that suits you best. We've got options to match your flow and lifestyle.

  • Comfy All Day: Whether you're working, exercising, or relaxing, BodyForm Maxi Pads stay put and keep you comfy.

  • Stay-Put Design: Move freely. Our pads stay in place, so you don't have to worry about adjusting them throughout the day.

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